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INETA Europe Speakers Bureau  
The INETA Europe Speaker Bureau provides usergroup leaders top notch speakers for their key events. The speakers are provided at no cost to the usergroup.
To request a speaker for your usergroup meeting login as usergroup leader and select Request Speaker on top of the list. Alternatively, if you have a query post a request on the Support Forum.
Note: These options are only viewable by usergroup leaders
Speaker Bureau  
No speakers have been added, yet.

How long does it take to fill a speaker request?
Once you request a speaker, please allow us at least 4 weeks to find a suitable speaker for your event.  

As a user group leader, what am I requested to do in order to request a speaker?
First, your user group must be in good standing with INETA Europe. Second, we expect you to promote INETA Speaker Bureau events to your members and others who may be interested by advertising the INETA Europe event on your website, e-mail distribution and any other promotions that you usually do to attract attendees. Third, we can ask your user group to complete the provided Speaker Evaluations of the speaker and return them to us after the event. 

How many times in a year can I request speaker?
The INETA Europe Speakers Bureau is committed to providing speakers to all of our member usergroups in a fair and balanced manner. Because of resource limitations, we ask each user group to limit the number of requests to two speakers per year. More than two speakers may be provided to a single user group if specifically approved by the Speakers Bureau Committee.

I have other questions ...
If you have any question related to the INETA Europe Speaker Bureau don't hesitate to contact us. The easiest way is to send your question by e-mail to André Obelink, VP Speakers Bureau INETA Europe.

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